Get Your Freedom Back

Get Your Freedom Back

Remember the day you first accpeted Christ. You could not contain your joy. All you wanted to do was tell people about him. Nothing weighed you down. You were free. Maybe you are wondering what happened to that person? I do not feel quite so free anymore. Life has a way of quickly piling up: the stress of bills and responsibility, tragedies happening all around you in your personal life and in the world. Dreams have a way of getting supressed by reality. Compromise sneaks its way in as the only option for survival. Freedom begins to be something only hoped for but thought of as something that will never be seen.

Guess what? Christ has something better in mind for your life. In fact in Galations 5:13 his word says, " You, my brothers and sisters were called to be free." Stop and think about that for a moment. As a follower of Christ freedom is not something to be longed for or something that can only be obtained by a special deliverance service. This is the calling of God on your life! Christ has set you free. No matter what is going on in your life it does not change the fact that Christ died 2,000 years ago for your sin. His blood has wiped all your sins away! Not only did he die he rose from the dead! This same resurrection power lives within you.

Follower of Christ your freedom does not come from your circumstances or feelings it comes by what Christ has done for you. Circumstances, emotions, feelings, money, jobs, and all the things of this world come and go, but one thing remains, Jesus Christ. Knowing and resting in him will give you all the freedom you need.

But, the freedom he gives is not to be used to indulge the flesh. Flesh can only produce flesh. Indulging in the flesh will only lead us back to captivity in sin. Freedom is kept by serving one another humbly in love just as Christ served us. Freedom comes when we stop focusing on ourselves and start focusing on God.

Today is the day! You are called to live in the freedom of loving Christ and others!

Written By: Danielle O'Neil, Fourth year Undergraduate Theology Student at Lee University