Now Faith

Now Faith

"Now" is defined as where we are living now, the immediate, the present moment.  So Now means Now!  Hebrews 11:1 says,  "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."  The first thing we need to understand about faith is that it is NOW!  Not the past nor the future but right NOW we need to have faith.

When I walked into the coffee shop this morning I had NOW faith.  I went to sit down on a chair and trusted that as I sat down, right then, the chair would hold me up.  I didn't stand there looking at the chair wondering if it would keep me up or if it might take a few more minutes to get ready to hold me up, no I knew right then, NOW, that it was built to hold me up.  I had faith in the chair.  Faith simply defined is complete trust in something or someone.  So if we have NOW faith in the chair we sit in today, why don't we have faith in God.

Todays focus on faith is the word NOW so let us answer the NOW question.  Our society has become what I call a "drive through" generation.  In most parts of the world we have instant gratification.  While sitting at this same coffee shop I saw a little girl about 4 years old pitching a fit because she wasn't getting her food NOW!! So what did her grandfather do?  Instead of administering discipline to teach the child that she has to wait a minute, the grandfather tried all kinds of different antics to get her to calm down.  Of course they didn't work!!

We struggle with NOW faith because we can't see or feel the God that we are suppose to have faith in and many times His plan is to make us into His vessel of honor not give us everything we want right NOW.  God knows and sees everything and He has a plan.  But the paradox is that He wants us to have NOW faith.  Believe right NOW for the things we cannot see.  So today just take a minute and tell God, I believe NOW that you have everything under control and continue to follow this teaching on Faith to learn more. 

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