Doing The Impossible

Doing The Impossible

My grandfather grew up in the rugged mountains of West Virginia. He had hard working parents, but with five children to feed each kid had to do their part to keep the family going. One day his father instructed him and his brother to put barbwire fencing along the trees. He and his brother set off to do the task compliantly. As soon as they began, they found that this task was not as easy as they had hoped. Their hands were getting cut in doing the task. They could not figure out how to do what their father had instructed them. They gave up.

When their father came home he asked them if they had put up the barbwire fencing. They told him we tried but it was impossible. Their father told them it was not impossible and that they were all going to do it. In a few hours the task was done. What the boys had thought was impossible was more than possible with the instruction, presence, and help of their father. It was possible with their father because he had already mastered the task.

Have you recieved a command from your heavenly father? If you are a believer, the answer is yes. As believers our mission is to love God and to love others which is much easier said than done. The test of our love for God is if we obey his commands. At times this is as impossible as putting up a barbwire fence.

The good news is that Phillipians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me." Romans 8:37 says that in all things we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus, who loved us.

No matter what God is telling you to do. He is with you. You have the instruction, presence, and help of the one who has already mastered the task that he is now asking you to do. Nothing is impossible with him. You can do the impossible with his help today.

Author: Danielle O'Neil