Hurts Produce A Harvest

Hurts Produce A Harvest

Hurts will produce a harvest!  It’s the truth that how we react to any given situation will determine our harvest.  Today’s actions produce tomorrow’s harvest.  The Word of God tells us “be not deceived, God is not mocked for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7 

Being hurt by a situation or individual is perhaps the most difficult thing  to overcome.  The danger is that once the hurt becomes part of our daily thoughts it can begin to dominate our mind, will, and emotions.—our souls.  Before long we are rehearing it over and over in our thoughts and speech.  Once we release our words these words begin to work.  For good or for evil!

There is not a person on earth who has not been hurt from time to time.  Hurts will end when we get to heaven and not a minute before. So what is the answer?  How do we keep hurts from producing a negative harvest in our lives.

1. Take no thought SAYING!  Stop talking about it!  Quit rehearing it over and over with friends and family.  Put a guard upon thy lips.  Only allow blessings to flow out of your mouth.  
2. Bless those who hurt you.  Bless them by refusing to speak about what has happened.  Refuse to speak negatively about them and  when you think of them say “God bless them!”  “God bring favor into their lives.”  By blessing them you will bring a blessing upon YOUR life and the life of your family.
3. Pray for them.  Ask God to have mercy and grace in all that pertains to them.  This will release YOU!
4. Rejoice!  Every time you think of the person who hurt you or the situation that turned bad…. REJOICE!  Praise God for what HE has brought you through.  Give thanks in every situation for this is the WILL of God.

YOUR mind, will and emotions will begin to heal and God will be bound to bless you with an abundant harvest.  Begin to apply these steps today and let me hear from you on  and