I Can Do All Things

I Can Do All Things

Philippians 4:13. We know it but o they really KNOW it? Hopefully this will help and bless you....  

This verse declares "I can do all things..."

I CAN DO is the Greek word 'ischuo' pronounced 'is-khoo'-o' which means: to be strong, robust, in sound health, to have power to do extraordinary deeds, to exert, to wield power, to overcome. The the phrase "all things" is the Greek word 'pas' and it means: individually, each, every, any, all, the whole, everything collectively. So God's Word is saying: "I can do each and every individual thing that I personally face or comes my way." Who can? I can!

Next is what I really want you to see.... "through"...that's the would the KJV uses and the one most people use when quoting this verse but the King James missed the translation here. If it was 'through' it would be the Greek word 'dia' which means: across, from point to point. But the actual word use is 'en' which means: in, inside, in the realm or sphere of, something that operates from the inside or within. If the word was 'through' it would mean that Christ is the instrument but he's not. He is the source of all things. We are the instrument Christ has chosen to use.

So "I CAN DO" I am the instrument that the source (Christ) will use if I allow. So to me it's saying "I can do, I have the power, the ability to overcome by extraordinary deeds each and every thing IF I live and operate from inside, in Christ...IN his character. IN his will. IN his timing. Because he is my source...he strengthens me." The key to being able to do all things is being IN or INSIDE Christ.  Begin to say today "I CAN DO ALL THINGS IN CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME!"

Provided By- Pastor DALE CROFT