The “Trip” of Faith

The “Trip” of Faith

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. - Hebrews 11:1

Have you ever hopped in a car with a friend without knowing where you are going? You have things to get accomplished that day but the friend insists that you trust them. They insist that there is a purpose why they aren't at work or at class.  They tell you just trust me.

If you are like me, this causes anger. I have a schedule and I want that to be respected. This "little road trip" is a major inhibition to production. If you ever done this, at the end of it all you know that even though there is something else you "should have done" in that moment that the road trip was worth it. There was a very important purpose to dropping everything and letting your friend share their heart. It was in this moment that relationship and purpose was confirmed in your life.

Though there may have been resistance, faith in your friend lead you to acquiese to their leading.

There was a man in the bible named Noah who got in a boat because of his friend's, God's, insistence. It was when God came to him and insisted that he drop everything to build a boat and hop on with him that he found his destiny.  He literally preserved the human race by faith. He knew God. He knew that what he said was true and that his commands to us are not just for our own preservation but for the preservation of every one around him.

Today, If God asks you to hop in a car, boat, or anything else with him. Do it! No matter what is going on, no mattter what people are saying, no matter what you have to do, do not refuse "God's road trip." The road trip, or the boat ride is where you will get to know the heart of God, and find his destiny for your life. Let faith in him be the evidence of the destiny you have yet to see.

Written by : Danielle O'Neil