Just Believe

Just Believe

…” Don’t be afraid, Just believe.”
    -Mark 5:16

In today’s world, there are lots of dangers and tragedies. All one has to do is look in a newspaper, turn on a TV, or talk to a neighbor to hear of the injustices going on in the world. In all honesty I have been discouraged, hoarded everything I have, and looked at the world and said in mind, “It is dead. What can we really do? Let’s stop bothering God about it, and pray to him for things that can actually be fixed.” “Why try to fix the things that are dead?” “Let’s direct our focus to the things that are living.”

Then I found that there were people with attitudes just like mine in the word. When a synagogue leader named Jairus came to Jesus and had him go to his daughter so that he may heal her, the other leaders said,”Your daughter is dead. Why bother the teacher anymore?”  Jesus replied to Jairus, “ Do not be afraid; just believe.”

I would like to encourage you not to have an attitude that says, “Well this is dead so there is nothing I can do.” I also want to encourage you that if people are saying that about a certain situation in your life not to be afraid and to believe in God.

Just because something is dead does not mean God can’t restore it and bring it back to life. Do not be afraid to ask God. Just believe.