Our Work

Our Work

The Jesus Saves Network provides weekly encouragement to new converts, house churches and the world at large through live streaming, pre-recorded video lessons and our network of websites. When you see this [red cross image] you’ll know you are on a Jesus Saves Network website. We operate a variety of sites focused on spreading the word of Jesus Christ:

SHOUT Jesus Saves encourages believers to S.H.O.U.T. “Share Him On Ur Technology” using social media and digital technology. We assist YOU in sharing Christ by posting, tweeting, and offering rich media content for YOU to share on your social media and website!

E-Missionaries helps believers learn to share faith using digital communications. New converts are paired with an E-Missionary who will walk with them on their new journey. E-Missionaries also help people accept Christ by sharing the gospel on our websites, Facebook and Twitter.

Jesus Saves encourages believers to affirm their faith and non-believers to accept Jesus Christ. When someone prays the prayer of salvation, he or she receives a 12 week online discipleship course and a daily devotion. 

Global Prayer Network empowers a worldwide network of faithful to pray for urgent needs throughout the world. Believers are encouraged to join the network, share their prayer requests and pray for others.

Faith Library is one of the Internet’s oldest resources for articles and sermons for ministry leaders, Biblical students and believers.