Tuesday of Holy Week

Tuesday of Holy Week


Mark 14:1–9
John 12:1–8

The remarkable thing about this little village just over the hill from Jerusalem is that it offered a welcoming home to Jesus during this entire week. Bethany was the village of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. We can assume all their extended families lived there as well. They were all Jesus’ friends, which underscores the importance of our families to support and sustain us. But there is more. This family did something courageous: they were able to discern God’s will in this moment for Jesus and support Him in it. They loved Him and did not choose to dissuade Him from the fate that awaited Him. When Mary anointed Jesus with expensive perfume, it became a symbolic anointing for the work He would accomplish through His death later in the week. It was a lavish gift, but more importantly, through her action, Mary showed her acceptance of the reality of Jesus’ impending death.

Having families and close friends who can stand with us as we discern God’s plans for our lives is a great gift. There are families that actually talk together regularly about how they can better support each other. Or how they can see what God is doing more clearly. Some families help one another make hard decisions that may be difficult but right. Other families help one another accept a hard reality they do not want to face.

Is there a time when I have accepted a difficult reality for a loved one or myself? Reflect on this. In the present time, is there a family member or friend facing something difficult?

For remembering: “She has done what she could; she has anointed My body beforehand for burial.” Mark 14:8 (ESV)

Taken From Willow Creek Community Church